I am a problem solver and a naturally curious person at heart. This stems from years of my mother never telling me she didn’t have the answer to any of my questions. Rather than say she didn’t know the answer to something I was asking, she would respond with “let’s figure it out". I enjoy applying this same mindset to data science. The process of exploring and understanding data as well as developing and implementing solutions in its real-world context excites me.

Executive Director
Apr 2016 - Present

Code the Block

  • Increasing access to education and work opportunities in STEM fields for underrepresented populations

  • Lead Instructor for boot camp and after-school programs

  • Responsible for developing and maintaining partnerships

  • Worked with clients to design programs that fit their budget outcome objectives

  • Learned new technologies and languages to advise and set curriculum for all programs

Business Analyst
Apr 2016 - Jul 2017

Code Koalas

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews to discover the most effective and relevant digital solutions for their specific business

  • Completed industry analysis to determine how we can help position client as an industry leader

  • Estimated project costs and set project deliverables

  • Worked with our internal/external development teams to provide context and direction about the solution needed throughout the process

Frontend Web Developer
Nov 2015 - Oct 2016

Code Koalas

  • Developed, enhanced and maintained websites using the Drupal CMS, jQuery, HTML, SCSS, and Foundation framework

  • Developed and managed project plans while providing status updates to management

  • Optimized workflow using the task runner Grunt.js

  • Layout design and construction for a variety of websites

  • Worked on the development team for several enterprise level websites

Interim Marketing Director
Mar 2015 - Nov 2015

The Roasterie

  • Directed the efforts of the marketing, communications and public relations staff and agencies

  • Coordinated at the strategic and tactical levels with the other functions of the company

  • Planned and executed digital communications (Increased revenue from marketing campaigns 70% year over year)

  • Planned and directed The Roasterie’s service marketing efforts


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